Another Our of the Way Place

“What do you do?” I’ve always found it a little depressing that the expected answer to this very open question is a career or at least a job of some sort. I do lots of things. To to define myself as a writer (or even worse a lawyer) seems to be doing a huge part of my inner-being an injustice.

Be that as it may, there are certain activities that I enjoy and that I’ve dedicated a lot of time to, among them photography. After trying to look at my blog with a pair of fresh eyes, it occurred to me that while I like “An Out of the Way Place” as a blog, it isn’t really the ideal showcase for my photography.

I confess this photo of Venice has nothing to do with this post, but I know how you guys love pictures.

I confess this photo of Venice has nothing to do with this post, but I know how you all love pictures.

So in response I decided to make a little experiment and after a little searching found some online tools to generate what I hope will be a nice showcase for my artwork. It’s still a work in progress, but if you’re interested you can see it now at

I’m not sure that’s a permanent design or location and would love to hear all of your thoughts on what I’ve done so far, so leave a comment below!

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4 thoughts on “Another Our of the Way Place

  1. Hey Jason,
    that new portfolio site is amazing! I really like the way you can link photography and articles.
    It shows not only impressive or beautiful pictures, but transmits feelings as well.

    Though I want to remind you that running two sites with similar content in parallel isn’t neccessary the best option. If I was you, I would swap the whole thing over to the new layout.

    And I’m in the selection process for the pictures for you. Didn’t forget you! =)

    Take care,

    • Thanks Otto!

      I agree the new site is pretty spectacular, but unfortunately it too has limitations. It doesn’t allow for archiving, commenting, easy searching or a whole bunch of the other flexible things this site has. That said I agree on the duplicate content and from here out you’ll be seeing some changes as this site becomes more focused on writing, guest content and frequent updates, while the new site will be a haven for my more serious photographic work and photo essays.

  2. I agree, that question has always been a struggle for me. We are so much more than our trades or professions and all contribute many things to the world. However, I think your new site absolutely qualifies you to answer the question with “a gifted photographer” (among your other talents). I have always adored your photos and think the layout of the site displays your work in a beautiful way. I look forward to watching it evolve!

    • Thank you so much April for the kind words and all your support over the years. You really make everything a pleasure!

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