Best Of

It’s not always easy to fish through the old entries on a blog and my lackluster organizational skills certainly don’t make issues any better.  For that reason I thought I’d gather together a few of my more popular posts to give those new or returning to An Out of the Way Place a good place to start.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy all the following posts, which have been selected for being my least shameful writing and for their varied content.  I’m always open to suggestions as well so if you loved a particular post let me know.  Also be sure to check out the Photography page, which contains a collection of some of my best photos.

Seven Photos to Answer Seven Questions –  February 2012

Reflections from an Abbey – January 2012

The Ironman – September 2011

My Favorite Place so Far – July 2011

The World’s Greatest Beer – Coors Light – August 2011

The beautiful Oregon Coast.

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