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This use to be a donations page (and you can still make a donation below), but for those who like to get something back I now have an up and running Etsy shop where you can buy all your favorite photos:

That said, the life of a writer is an economically poor one and it’s thanks to donations, I have been able to keep this website going, capture some amazing photos and even complete an Ironman.  In the future I hope to visit Antarctica, climb Kilimanjaro and complete countless other adventures!

So shop or donate the choice is yours!  $25 may seem like a small amount, but it’s enough for me to cover hundreds of miles and last several days on a bike. Even $1 will feed me for a day!

So if you enjoy this site and what you find here, please, spare a few dollars now and again and help An Out of the Way Place stay the interesting place I hope it’s become!

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Add a little sunshine to your life.

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