Here are links to some of my favorite other blogs.  Just to give a quick heads up, in general these aren’t my favorite blogs because they’re about travel or anything else that relates to my own blog, but because they’re written by my friends.  They cover a range of topics from fashion to yoga to travel.  Why not take a moment to explore something new today?

Janice MacLeod: After the Artist’s Way

An awesome blog maintained by Janice, a fellow free spirit who left the office to pursue adventure and romance in Paris.  For a fantastic gift idea be sure to also check out her very cool and very original letter of the month!

Anna’s Yoga Space

Anna is an amazing Yoga teacher who keeps her blog constantly full of interesting posts sure to be of interest to anyone with even a passing interest in Yoga.  She started this blog after leaving New York City to pursue her interest in Yoga in Ireland!

I’m Not Home

I met fellow bloggers Maddy and Steve while trekking up to Everest Base Camp.  In addition to being excellent company they maintain an awesome blog about their own travel adventures.  Be sure to check out their own account of the Everest Trek for more amazing photos and a fresh perspective.

Lilidh Valentine

This is a beautiful new blog on fashion kept by my close friend Lilidh from Scotland.  An up and coming fashion writer Lilidh recently started this blog which is full of stunning photography and well-written articles on fashion.

La Vie Nous Appartient

This blog is about the soon to be released film “La Vie Nous Appartient” directed by my friend A. K. Lee.  The blog is unusually well written and has some excellent photography.  Most likely because both the photography and writing are done by yours truly 😉

The Art of Non-Conformity

I don’t know Chris personally, but his blog on non-conformist living is a classic and has inspired plenty of other writers like me.  It’s been up from years and is absolutely full of great articles and information.

Travel Reportage

Travel Reportage is an amazing travel blog kept by my good friend Giulia.  Originally from Italy, Giulia now travels the world capturing amazing photos and writing great articles.  Perhaps best of all she loves to travel different places than I do so between the two of us you’ll get to explore an awful lot of the world!

Wellness & Fulfillment

Wellness & Fulfillment is a great and inspiring blog kept by the amazingly positive (and super supportive!) April from Arizona.  Here you’ll always find some amazing encouragement and advice on improving yourself and the world around you.

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