Your Out of The Way Places – Bayon Temple

This week’s photo comes from Mira, a reader in Germany.  After backpacking through Thailand and Laos, Mira and her boyfriend made their way over to Cambodia.  They decided to rent bikes to get a better feel for the vast remains of the Kymer Empire that once covered the area and whose famous temples at Angkor still draw countless visitors.  It was there she caught this stunning image:

Mmonks on the steps of Bayon Temple.

Monks on the steps of Bayon Temple.

In addition to striking me with its beauty, this photo reminds me of what goes into a truly stunning image.  The weather had decided not to cooperate and as Mira put it “the rain it was more like a waterfall than rain.”  I think we can all be grateful for her willingness to brave muddy roads and torrents of rain and the reminder that what separates a great photo from a mundane one isn’t equipment but the extra mile.   Of course having a sharp eye like hers comes in pretty handy too…

“Having it easy does not surpass having accomplishments;
being wealthy does not surpass being content…”
– Khmer Proverb


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One thought on “Your Out of The Way Places – Bayon Temple

  1. Anonymous

    Love this! Makes me proud to be Cambodian!

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