La Vie Nous Appartient

So my next adventure is a little bit of a change from my usual fare.  It won’t involve immense amounts of physical suffering or even going to some hard to find remote location, rather I’ll be working on the set of a film being shot in Austria.  The film is a psychological drama that tells the story of two depressed and suicidal students who meet online and decide to meet and travel to a place where they plan to end their lives.  Originally written in English the movie was called “Maybe Tomorrow”.  Here’s the promotional picture:

Due to a series of events on the production level, the film ended up being turned into a French film so the new name is “La Vie Nous Appartient”.  Filming doesn’t start until next week. That means I don’t have any actual pictures from the film yet, but I assure you there will be plenty coming soon.  Until there here’s a preview from the shooting location:

It’ll be my first time working in over three years, but if I have to this looks better to me than an office.

As for my part in this venture, I’ll be what is technically known as the “Unit Still Photographer”.  That’s a fancy way of saying I take pictures with a regular camera (as opposed to a movie camera) that are used in promotional material, movie posters, portfolios and documenting the making of the film.  More recently my responsibilities seem to have grown a little, however, and now I’m also maintaining the films website which, although it’s still in its infancy, can seen at Shooting starts on Monday and I’ll be sure to post again as things progress.  Until then you can follow along on the film’s website as I’ll be doing double duty as a writer and photographer for the next few weeks.

… and here we go!



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4 thoughts on “La Vie Nous Appartient

  1. Sounds like a fun job and an interesting premise for a movie.

  2. Wish I could be the Unit Still Photographer Assistant. 😀

  3. How exciting! I’d give anything to be able to work behind the scenes on a production like this. 😀

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