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What’s a Set Photographer?

I’m a landscape photographer or, when I’m feeling pretentious, a fine art photographer.  I play a travel photographer online and have been conned into being an event photographer, but set photographer wasn’t something I’d ever considered.  Still, if traveling around the world collecting experiences is my business, how could I pass up the opportunity of being on a film set?

Just like a landscape, only with faces.

So now I’m a set photographer, or in strict technical terms: the unit still photographer – definitely not the sexiest sounding job on the set.  Continue reading

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La Vie Nous Appartient

So my next adventure is a little bit of a change from my usual fare.  It won’t involve immense amounts of physical suffering or even going to some hard to find remote location, rather I’ll be working on the set of a film being shot in Austria.  The film is a psychological drama that tells the story of two depressed and suicidal students who meet online and decide to meet and travel to a place where they plan to end their lives.  Originally written in English the movie was called “Maybe Tomorrow”.  Here’s the promotional picture:

Due to a series of events on the production level, the film ended up Continue reading

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Vienna – The City of Dreams

“The City of Dreams”, you may be shocked that such a romantic name comes from the famously reserved Austrians, but fear not, they don’t have the same thing in mind as Alicia Keys when she sings about New York.  Rather the nickname comes from Freud, one of the many famous figures to have lived here.  On the other hand, I have a sneaking suspicion that the Freud reference may be only a superficial masking of a deep romanticism that runs under the surface.  How could the city that inspired Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven and Klimt be anything but profoundly romantic?

This beautiful museum is a mirror image of the art museum it faces. Just one of the many architectural wonder's in the city.

Perhaps the first thing you notice walking around Vienna Continue reading

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A Night at the Opera

In a world of ever increasing globalization the opportunity for unique experiences and diversity in general shrinks year by year.  Stores like H&M and Levi’s can be found on the high streets of cities around the globe and food from the ubiquitous McDonalds or Starbucks is rarely more than a stone’s throw away.  This sad reality makes the opportunity to spend a night experiencing a unique world treasure like the Viennese opera all the more amazing.

Last night I was once again reminded of what a lucky existence Continue reading

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