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Sliding into Something New

It’s been a while everyone, but after a couple of months of time off visiting family back in the US, I’ve been called on to break my silence by the least likely of things – new underwear. It all started off rather normally. I received a message asking me to review a new product. Normally I politely decline or simply ignore requests like this – I stopped saying things I didn’t mean for money when I stopped being a lawyer – but the request I received was a nice one.  Not only that but it gave me a chance to support a bold start-up idea and, perhaps best of all, the product was  just too unusual to ignore – Adventure Underwear.  I wrote back that while I couldn’t promise I’d say anything nice, I would at least take a look.  A week or so later my new underwear had arrived from Australia.  In all honesty I was a bit nervous when they arrived.  I’m not prone to giving fake praise, and the idea of someone sending me a free sample of their brainchild from overseas just for me to say it sucked didn’t leave me feeling warm and fuzzy.  Fortunately, now that I’ve been wearing these bad boys around for a couple of weeks, I can honestly say these are the coolest underwear I’ve ever had.

Check out my package...

Check out my package…

So what makes underwear great? Or for that matter Continue reading

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