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Wow, now there’s an unhappy title for a post, but fear not dear readers, this is not some self-pitying cry for attention.  I’ve never wanted to add to the impressive pile of negative information generally known as the news and have no intention of starting now.  That said, I’m often asked what is the greatest challenge a life constantly on the road presents.  For me the answer is simple: loneliness.

View like this were made to be shared.

Views like this were made to be shared.

That’s not to say there haven’t been other challenges, some of the physical challenges were very intense, a couple Continue reading

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This Blog Sucks

This blog sucks and I know why.  It doesn’t take a genius to figure it out either.  Look online and you’ll find that the first thing you’re supposed to do when starting a blog is pick a topic. I skipped that step.  An Out of the Way Place isn’t really a travel blog and it’s even less of a photography or writing blog.  It isn’t even a standard narcissistic blog that’s all about me.

What is this all leading to?

First page from Wealth of Nations, 1776 London...

Great for economics, not so much for personal growth.

I know specialization works.  It allows for mass production and other, almost unfathomable increases in productivity. In fact, the only reason we have amazing concert pianists and Olympic swimmers is because some people are willing to spend eight hours a day staring at piano keys or the bottom of a pool.  Compare the product of all this focus to say the generalized skills of a group of hunter gatherers and the results are, well, pretty amazing. Continue reading

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Changing Places

It’s been three years since I set foot in an office and of those 1,102 days I can say that it’s exactly 0 of them that I’ve missed being there.

Not the kind of life I’m looking for…

My somewhat dramatic career change from lawyer/banker to writer/photographer/bum is one of the topics I’m asked about most.  For the record allow me to answer a few of the most commonly asked questions I encounter:

1. Do I miss it?  That’s an easy one Continue reading

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