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Memories of the Sun

Time passes so quickly.  Hours turn to days, days turn to years.  In what seems a moment a decade is gone.  Even so in just the tiny expanse of time that separates the summer from the winter, the long nights and gray skies turn recollections of the sun into what seems like a distant memory.

It’s grey where I am and has been for several days.  At times like this I like to let my thoughts wander back to the sunnier places I’ve passed throughout year.  To aid the imperfect memory I also returned to some of the sunniest photos I captured during my stay on Santorini.  If you enjoy the photo below be sure to check out the other images in the new photo gallery “Oia” available via the photography page or by clicking here.

I think I saw this same door in a dream once.

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So my next stop in the Greek Islands is none other than the mythical Atlantis.  Of course the years have changed it a bit and it’s now known as Santorini, one of the world’s most beautiful islands.  Of course the reason for the name change is that when the island was Atlantis it was roughly round and inhabited by ancient ancestors of the now Ancients Greeks.  Then, sometime around 1,600 BC the island exploded annihilating both that civilization and the ancient Minoan civilization whose ruins I had the pleasure of enjoying while I was in Crete. The plus side of all this cataclysmic destruction is that the current island has a magnificent crescent shape with world class view of the caldera (i.e., crater) from around the island.

This view is across one small part of the caldera which is truly massive. Hard to imagine what it must have looked like when the volcano exploded.

Ancient history lesson aside, modern Santorini is (along with a few other places like Ibiza, Hawaii and Capri) as close to Continue reading

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