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Italian Wine, Castles and Sea

It’s time to leave the Baltics for a while as I again find myself overwhelmed with a flow of experiences that leaves me with the enviable task of choosing from among a series of adventures and locations, all which merit far more than one of my short posts to do them justice.

Not bad.... not bad at all...

Not bad…. not bad at all…

A public elevator in Genoa for which you need a metro card.

A public elevator in Genoa for which you need a metro card.

I’m scribbling this post down as I look out on a lovely Italian garden in Genoa, where I’ve had a full schedule of touring the Italian Riviera, eating gelato and taking long walks along the sea.  While Italy has always been one of my favorite countries to visit, this trip is a particular treat as I’m getting a personal tour from  friend and great travel blogger Giulia (check out her own post on the area at Travel Reportage).  When you get to be shown a country by someone paid to take photos and write about travel, you know something in your life is going right.

The base for this trip Continue reading

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