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Everest Base Camp Trek – Days 2 & 3

Day 2 – Monju to Namche Bazaar

I woke up feeling something less than refreshed, but certainly enthusiastic for the day to come.  I still had a bit of lingering jet lag, aggravated perhaps by the difficulty of sleeping at high elevation, and this resulted in several hours of restless thoughts in the night.  On the other hand my new companions looked like they would make for good company. They were all independent travelers carrying their own packs and I hoped they would keep a slightly less grueling pace than my friends from the day before.

The use of metal makes them one step removed from the bridges in Indiana Jones, but looking down is still an intense experience.

The new group – six people including me – consisted of: a young German engineer with a love of photography, a middle-aged Englishman that loved adventure, a Phillippina doctor about my age traveling for the first time and a young Canadian couple that had been teaching English in Thailand.  This group, which in some variation would make my travel companions for the trip Continue reading

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Everest Base Camp Trek – Prelude and Day One


The hot water for the shower is never really hot.  It’s rather tepid normally and the occasional moments it nearly reaches hot are easily outnumbered by the long stretches of cold.  The electricity is shut off for long stretches each day, part of a load sharing program that rotates outages throughout the city in order to make up for the low water levels that have left a citywide shortage of hydroelectric power. The sheets on my bed look as though they’ll never be truly clean again and my laundry – out for its first much needed wash in weeks – is a day late in coming back, leaving me with only the clothes on my back.  This is life in Kathmandu, at least if you have the uncommon luck to be a relatively wealthy tourist.  Yet despite this list of semi-serious shortcomings, if I learned anything on my trip to Everest base camp it was to appreciate the comforts I normally take for granted.  I truly feel as if I’m indulging in the greatest of luxury: the room is warm, the food is varied and I’m clean.

No room for big jets up here.

Mt. Everest has held a great appeal to me for as long as I can remember.  I don’t know Continue reading

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A little extra challenge

So I’m now halfway along my trek to Mt. Everest base camp. As I mentioned before I’ll be giving a detailed write up when this is over, but I thought I’d keep trying to check in once in a while in the meantime.  It can get pretty lonely up here and it’s nice feeling like I have all of you with me!

I hope you all like pictures of mountains.

I’m now at a fairly impressive 4,200 meters (12,500 ft) of elevation and taking a step uphill is like going for a jog. Matters haven’t been helped by a bad case of bronchitis that Continue reading

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On the Road to Everest


So I’m faced with a problem.  Recent feed back has said I should write more, and I now have more to write about than ever before.  I’m three days along the Everest Base Camp Trek through Nepal and it’s been an eventful week to say the least.  I arrived in hectic Kathmandu, flew to the remote Lukla airport, trekked three days through the Himalayas and today feasted on views of Mt. Everest for the first time.



The truth is Continue reading

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The Next Mountain

When I was in eighth grade we studied a little creative writing.  I had no interest in writing at the time or maybe it was just that English (all) teachers rubbed me the wrong way.  Whatever the reason, the result is that I didn’t retain much, which makes the one piece of advice I can recall all the more interesting.  The gem of wisdom was: “Don’t write about yourself.  Your life isn’t that interesting.”

Why not me?

It seemed a terrible thing to say, but looking back I understand what he meant.  We all like to think Continue reading

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