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The Wild Life of Kiruna

Kiruna, the very small city that was my base in Sweden, is an unusual place.  It was founded a little over a hundred years ago, when the local Suomi people helped out the new settlers by pointing them in the direction of iron ore.  It turns out the locals really new there business and the proof is that today Kiruna hosts the world’s largest iron mine, which is in the process of forcing the city to move (due to digging under the city) and also employs the better part of the local population.

Not a bad looking mine...

Not a bad looking mine…

It seems that job stability has lingered here longer than in much of the modern world, because in addition to the descendants of those early miners, the Suomi people are still Continue reading

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Heading North for Winter

Most people don’t head north for the winter, but after reviewing my 2012 I knew I needed to start the year with something intense.  My idea was to take advantage of the peek of activity in the Northern Lights and try to cross this item off my bucket list. So a few days ago I began the long journey to northern Sweden.

This is high noon in Sweden.

This is high noon in Sweden.

After flying into to Stockholm, where I spent one day, I hopped on a train and headed north.  That’s where it starts to get interesting.   Continue reading

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