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A Nomad’s Life – Education

This will mark the first post in a series about my life as a nomad.  I often receive questions about how I handle this or that situation when I don’t have a permanent home and I’m limited in how much I can carry from place to place. While I don’t think living out of a backpack is a cure-all solution for peoples problems, I certainly think I’ve learned a lot from the experience and hopefully in this series everyone can find a little something of use.

Education on the Road

I have an addiction to universities.  It hasn’t be easy either.  They’ve used up ten years of my life and have cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $400,000 (not that I paid for it all).  If that’s not depressing enough already, I don’t even use a single one of my degrees in daily life.  The good news is that unlike a drug addiction, an addiction to education has some fairly wonderful side effects.  Lucky for me too, because unlike my shopping addiction, I think this is one habit I’ll never really break.

I studied the ancient world for four years before I ever saw my first Roman ruin in person.

So what to do?  Although there are Continue reading

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