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Maybe it’s just I’m just so uncoordinated I need to always be looking at my feet when I walk, but I always seem to find beautiful things right beneath my feet.   I was out enjoying the frigid cold and impressive wind chill when I noticed these patterns in the snow drifts under my skis.

I walked over this patch of snow right after the photo.  This is the only record it was ever there.

I walked over this patch of snow right after the photo. This is the only record it was ever there.

My first thoughts of becoming a photographer were Continue reading

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Patience and Photography

When your average viewer looks at a great photo, the first instinct is usually to credit the camera.  That, of course, is rather silly given that most of the photos you see in a museum were taken with cameras so primitive you’d be more likely to throw them out than use them.  The slightly more sophisticated viewer is likely to look at other factors, such as the photographer’s skill in composition and perhaps photo editing.  While these factors no doubt place some distance between a professional and the casual snap-shot taker, perhaps the greatest factor separating the average tourist snapping photos off in a park and Ansel Adams is something rarely noted: patience.

Happy Lake

This photo is dedicated to a wonderful reader who lamented that my lake photos were too sad. I hope this brings a smile!

Ansel Adams didn’t just take a weekend trip to Yosemite Continue reading

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Winter Calm

I mentioned change in my last post and a number of readers have asked if that meant my travels were at an end.  The good news (at least I hope it’s good) is that no, I’m not finished traveling.  Even so, I was serious when I said change was coming…

In the last scene of Pulp Fiction Jules, played by Samuel Jackson, tells Vincent that he’s had enough of being a gangster and wants to go wander the Earth and see the world.  Vincent replies that there’s a word for that already: “It’s called being  bum.”  While I hate to think of myself in those terms, the truth is that I have relied heavily on the generosity of my friends and strangers these last few years.

Changing Lake

The first fruit of my winter studies.

While I’ve gained more than I know how to put into words from the experience, I’ve decided it’s time to see if I can’t become a bit more self-reliant.  To that end I’ve taken a little pause from the more extreme world wandering and settled into the hills of upstate New York for the winter.  While the location could hardly be more relaxing, I’m not here for a vacation (after all what could I take a vacation from?) but rather to focus on my photography, writing and the other humble means by which I hope to establish a sustainable living.

While all this may mean a few less stories of my risking my life for a spectacular picture over the next few months, it certainly won’t mean a shortage of photos to share.  I’ve gathered quite the collection over the last four years and it’s essentially a senseless jumble which I’ve slowly begun to wade through.  I’m also taking this time to work on some of the more technical aspects of my art and I hope I’ll have some nice results to share soon.  Finally the local scenery is none to shabby either so I promise to do my best to keep everyone satisfied with the best images I can capture.

Lake Ice

I don’t have to go far to find amazing scenery.

Thank you all again for the years of support.  For those of you interested in helping me turn this journey into a career, it’s as easy as sharing my Etsy page with someone who might be interested or purchasing a photo yourself.  If budget is a concern you can always help by following my blog, or forwarding it to someone else who might enjoy it.  An Out of the Way Place is nearing its 1,000th follower and with your help it could happen any day now!

“If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant:
if we did not sometimes taste of adversity,
prosperity would not be so welcome.”

Anne Bradstreet

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