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Farewell My Camera

Just two days ago I lost one of my most faithful travel companions, my camera.  It pains me to write about it even now as the grief is still too new, too fresh for me.  It seems like only yesterday that I was in day-long surgery with my friend, Canon S90, who had suffered a devastating accident with two plums in a crowded backpack.  I remember sweating for hours over his anesthetized body, no other surgeon being available on our remote island location, picking out fragments of smushed fruit from his delicate insides.  I remember waiting in near desperation as he lay comatose in the ICU locked in a bag of dried rice in the hopes that the deadly remnants of moisture could be sucked out.  Finally, I remember him recovering, never fully, but enough to take the precious photo that have graced this blog since its creation.

Canon loved nature. He captured this image on a road trip to Oregon.

Alas, our time together was far too short.  He was robbed from me at Continue reading

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