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Bucket List Revealed

As I write this I’m experiencing yet another extraordinary experience: rain in the desert.  Most places, people get excited when the weather heats up and the sun shines, here it’s a newsworthy event when the rain starts to fall and the cold weather rolls in.  Tomorrow we’re expecting a near artic 74 degrees (19 Celsius).  I know that doesn’t sound too chilly, but compared to the 104 degrees (40 C) that greeted me upon arrival just a couple days ago, it’s pretty chilly.

In any case all this strange weather is perfect for writing since Phoenix drivers seem to think driving in rain is the same as driving in a blizzard.  As for what to write about, well I’ve owed you all a bucket list for some time.  So without further ado, here’s my list!


1.       To go to Nepal and climb to the base camp of Mt. Everest

2.       To go to Greenland and sea kayak along the fjords

3.       To go to New Zealand and backpack around the country

4.       To go to Greece and sail around the Mediterranean Sea

5.       To go to Japan and hike the 80 temple tour

6.       To go to China and walk the Great Wall

7.       To go to Tanzania and climb Mt. Kilimanjaro

8.       To go to Brazil and celebrate Carnival

9.       To go to Scandinavia, ski and see the northern lights

10.   To go to Russia and ride the trans-Siberian railroad

11.   To go to Egypt and journey down the Nile

12.   To go to Peru and visit Manchu Picchu

13.   To go to Thailand and relax on the beach

14.   To go to Antarctica and see penguins

15.   To go to Easter Island and see the heads


So there you have it!  Some of you have sent your own lists these last few weeks, but I’d urge you to repost them in the comments below for the enjoyment of everyone else.  Also, if you have an opinion as to which of these amazing things I should do next, or something I left it out, feel free to opine about that as well!

I've seen more than my fair share of beauty this year, but why stop now?

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Wanted – Bucket Lists

Although I’m quite happy with the number of readers of this blog, one thing I’d love to have more of is reader participation.  I’ve made several pleas in the past and sometimes I even end my post with a question.  All this has been for naught, so I thought I’d try a different approach.

A friend of mine and I agreed to create our own Bucket Lists (things we want to do before we die or “kick the bucket”).  I found the process of creating mine quite engaging and the results interesting, but I’m not going to share it with you all, not yet at least.  Instead, I’d like everyone to create their own list over the next two weeks and then either to email it to me, or to post it in the comments when I share my own bucket list. To keep everyone more or less on the same page, here are some guidelines:

  1. The list should be 15 items long.
  2. Each item should contain a place and an activity, e.g., “I want to go to Munich and drink at Oktoberfest.”

That’s it!

I’ll be reaching out to some of you personally to encourage participation.  Please help me all of you!  I know as a group you’re definitely more interesting than I am, so let’s help this blog reach its potential!

Where would you like your footsteps to take you?

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