Wow, now there’s an unhappy title for a post, but fear not dear readers, this is not some self-pitying cry for attention.  I’ve never wanted to add to the impressive pile of negative information generally known as the news and have no intention of starting now.  That said, I’m often asked what is the greatest challenge a life constantly on the road presents.  For me the answer is simple: loneliness.

View like this were made to be shared.

Views like this were made to be shared.

That’s not to say there haven’t been other challenges, some of the physical challenges were very intense, a couple Continue reading

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A Nomad’s Life – Fitness

Fitness is big business.  In the US alone the industry pulls in about $18 billion and that doesn’t include dietary supplements ($20 billion) or the booming diet industry ($40 billion).  You might think that as a poor nomadic traveler I don’t contribute to this industry, but check out my gear:

$10 at a street market.

$10 at a street market.

Laugh all you want at my budget training equipment, but when I left the office three years ago Continue reading

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Moments of Quiet

It’s easy to imagine my life as a perpetual vacation and in many ways that’s not far from the truth.  One of the ways in which it’s misleading though is that most people want to pack their vacations with as much as they can.  It makes sense given how little vacation time most people have, but it’s strange that even vacations taken to relax are often packed solid with meditation classes, spas and one massage after another, leaving hardly a moment for calm reflection.

Part of being a photographer is taking the time to notice the beauty of ordinary things.

Part of being a photographer is taking the time to notice the beauty of ordinary things.

For me there is no such hurry, so I often live life at a measured pace.  While intense moments Continue reading

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The Still Traveler

It’s been well over three years now since I last had a regular job.  I’ve largely forgotten the special excitement of a Friday and the glum dread of a Monday.  Perhaps in a country like Switzerland or Nepal where they strictly observe the six-day work week Sunday still has some special significance, although even then it’s not usually until I’m at a closed shop door that I realize what day of the week it is.

Bridge of Giants

The ancient Bridge of Giants

Many people imagine I get bored, especially during stretches of time like the one I had this past month, where I haven’t been Continue reading

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It’s a Wonderful Life

Me, the arctic circle and 10 euros.  I found myself in this lovely situation at the ATM when, out of money, I went to make a withdrawal only to find my bank card didn’t work.  The bank clarified that due to an unpleasant disagreement with a past creditor my account was frozen indefinitely: I was broke.  Thus in a matter of minutes I went from having a year’s savings to having only the loose change in my pocket.

Tranquil or desolate... all a matter of perspective.

Tranquil or desolate… all a matter of perspective.

I’d like to say I took it graciously, that after years of Continue reading

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