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Fitness is big business.  In the US alone the industry pulls in about $18 billion and that doesn’t include dietary supplements ($20 billion) or the booming diet industry ($40 billion).  You might think that as a poor nomadic traveler I don’t contribute to this industry, but check out my gear:

$10 at a street market.

$10 at a street market.

Laugh all you want at my budget training equipment, but when I left the office three years ago Continue reading

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Moments of Quiet

It’s easy to imagine my life as a perpetual vacation and in many ways that’s not far from the truth.  One of the ways in which it’s misleading though is that most people want to pack their vacations with as much as they can.  It makes sense given how little vacation time most people have, but it’s strange that even vacations taken to relax are often packed solid with meditation classes, spas and one massage after another, leaving hardly a moment for calm reflection.

Part of being a photographer is taking the time to notice the beauty of ordinary things.

Part of being a photographer is taking the time to notice the beauty of ordinary things.

For me there is no such hurry, so I often live life at a measured pace.  While intense moments Continue reading

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This Blog Sucks

This blog sucks and I know why.  It doesn’t take a genius to figure it out either.  Look online and you’ll find that the first thing you’re supposed to do when starting a blog is pick a topic. I skipped that step.  An Out of the Way Place isn’t really a travel blog and it’s even less of a photography or writing blog.  It isn’t even a standard narcissistic blog that’s all about me.

What is this all leading to?

First page from Wealth of Nations, 1776 London...

Great for economics, not so much for personal growth.

I know specialization works.  It allows for mass production and other, almost unfathomable increases in productivity. In fact, the only reason we have amazing concert pianists and Olympic swimmers is because some people are willing to spend eight hours a day staring at piano keys or the bottom of a pool.  Compare the product of all this focus to say the generalized skills of a group of hunter gatherers and the results are, well, pretty amazing. Continue reading

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