Nuit Blanche

Paris, the city of lights! Who would of thought it could be such a quiet place?  I’m not saying it’s quiet compared to a Swiss mountain village, but for a large metropolis the nights in Paris are surprisingly calm.  I’m currently living in the Parisian equivalent of Soho, known as le Marias, but even here the busy streets begin to empty around 11 and by 2 in the morning there’s hardly a whisper.

This is all a bit of a shock to my New York system, so I was relieved last weekend when I found out that I was in Paris for the Nuit Blanche or White Night.  On this night, which happens only once a year, the city comes alive for the entire night with artists and galleries displaying some of their finest works throughout the city.


My neighborhood cathedral dressed for the Nuit Blanche.

It’s a shame the event only lasted one night, because the truth is there is no way to take in anything but a small sample of all the night has to offer.  Even wandering the city till 4am, I only had a small taste of the art exhibitions that filled everything from ancient churches to city plazas.  There were films, paintings and installations that are frankly hard to even describe.  To get a more rounded picture of this amazing evening check out some of the highlights online here.

Paris remains something of a mystery to me.  Unlike New York, Vienna or Rome, it’s people and streets remain somewhat alien and I feel very much a stranger in a strange land here.  Even so, as with a new romance, there’s a thrill in the chase, in finding out new secrets and in seeing just how far the relationship will go.

One more side of Paris...

One more side of Paris…

Mine was the twilight and the morning.
Mine was a world of rooftops and love songs.

 ― Roman Payne, “Rooftop Soliloquy”

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4 thoughts on “Nuit Blanche

  1. How brilliant!! So sad to realise I just missed out on seeing it all.

  2. But oh the photo opportunities! And to think, I stayed home that night. *self kick*

    • I’m not too pleased with my work that night either. I should have covered twice as much as I did. I just wandered aimlessly for most of the evening. Grrr….

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