Sliding into Something New

It’s been a while everyone, but after a couple of months of time off visiting family back in the US, I’ve been called on to break my silence by the least likely of things – new underwear. It all started off rather normally. I received a message asking me to review a new product. Normally I politely decline or simply ignore requests like this – I stopped saying things I didn’t mean for money when I stopped being a lawyer – but the request I received was a nice one.  Not only that but it gave me a chance to support a bold start-up idea and, perhaps best of all, the product was  just too unusual to ignore – Adventure Underwear.  I wrote back that while I couldn’t promise I’d say anything nice, I would at least take a look.  A week or so later my new underwear had arrived from Australia.  In all honesty I was a bit nervous when they arrived.  I’m not prone to giving fake praise, and the idea of someone sending me a free sample of their brainchild from overseas just for me to say it sucked didn’t leave me feeling warm and fuzzy.  Fortunately, now that I’ve been wearing these bad boys around for a couple of weeks, I can honestly say these are the coolest underwear I’ve ever had.

Check out my package...

Check out my package…

So what makes underwear great? Or for that matter, what qualifies underwear as adventure (or travel) underwear in the first place?  Well I suppose the first issue travel underwear should address is the rather sticky issue of not always having a shower available (and right away we see why not too many people want to review travel underwear…  there’s just no delicate way to discuss these things).

So back to the sticky issue.  Well as it turns out human ingenuity has yet to improve upon high quality merino wool.  My favorite travel shirt is made of merino wool, because it’s warm, breathes well and stays smelling fresh for days.  It just so happens Adventure Underwear are made of merino wool and have all these same virtues are the result.  Of course the idea of wool underwear in itself may sound like an uncomfortable thought, but as it turns out these are the softest, fuzziest underwear I’ve even had, almost like sleeping in a cashmere hammock…  I knew this would get strange.

These are just a  prototype, but they're already badass.

These are just a prototype, but they’re already badass.

Awesome material aside, these underwear also earn their travel title because they have a funky little removable pocket on the inside.  It might look strange sticking your hand in your pants any time you need a napkin, but there really is no securer place for your spare credit card or $20 than this nifty little pocket.  To make things even better the pocket is waterproof, but covered in soft fabric, really the best of all worlds.

Due too the extensive test run I took in these bad boys before writing this review (and the fact that I’ve been starting my adventure up again – more on that to come), this post is available only just in time to get involved in the Adventure Underwear Kickstarter.  Still with only 40 hours to go and $5,000 left to fund, it’s an exciting time to hop on-board (the page also has plenty of mens underwear modeling if you’re into that sort of thing).   I mean this is hot stuff, check out this write up in the Huffington Post.

Seriously everyone, I never have and never will say I like something for money.  All I’ve gotten out of this deal is some sweet new underwear, but if you want to help a great start-up idea, or you simply want sexy underwear that are a great conversation piece, you need to check these out.

Ok, I promise not to make a habit of talking about my undies.  Travel news to come shortly!

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