Your Photos of An Out of the Way Place


It’s too quiet around here lately!  To get things moving this spring I’ve decided to have my first ever interactive series here at An Out of the Way Place.  Here’s how it’s going to work:

1. Go through your photos and find one of An Out of the Way Place you’ve been to.

2. Send me the photo either via the Facebook page or at

3. Tell me where you were when you took it , whether or not you want your name included and any other details you like.

That’s it!


The Cliffs of Calais at Dawn

Don’t worry about what you write in the email.  I’ll take care of the text.  Come to think of it I’ll even edit the photo if you feel it could use touching up (tell me or I won’t touch it!) so don’t worry about that either.  Don’t worry about anything!  Just send me something you like and would like to share.

About once a week I’ll be sharing a photo from among the ones I’ve received.  I may travel quite a bit, but the more I see the more I realize how much world is out there so lend me a hand!

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2 thoughts on “Your Photos of An Out of the Way Place

  1. I sent you some pictures via email!

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