Heading North for Winter

Most people don’t head north for the winter, but after reviewing my 2012 I knew I needed to start the year with something intense.  My idea was to take advantage of the peek of activity in the Northern Lights and try to cross this item off my bucket list. So a few days ago I began the long journey to northern Sweden.

This is high noon in Sweden.

This is high noon in Sweden.

After flying into to Stockholm, where I spent one day, I hopped on a train and headed north.  That’s where it starts to get interesting.  Most people don’t realize it, but Sweden is almost as large as France in terms of area, although it’s a lot more stretched out.  It took 17 hours on the train before I reached a place far enough north to have a good chance of seeing the northern lights.  A small place snuggled up in the snow north of the arctic circle named Kiruna.

I'm not sure weather to call this sunset or sunrise.

I’m not sure weather to call this sunset or sunrise.

I’ve only been here a day, but it’s been a wild experience already, in part because my first thought was to camp.  That probably wasn’t one of my greatest ideas as can be seen in this photo of my bag after a night in the Artic wild.

Icy Bag

Better the bag than me.

Now, after my madness has left me, I’m safely tucked into the town’s youth hostel where I’m enjoying the modern comforts of internet and, best of all, central heating.  Yet even if I’m safe from the elements there’s plenty of adventure to be had with reindeer, an ice hotel and of course the north lights still waiting to be seen.  Hopefully I’ll have some great pictures to share soon!

Not something I'm sure I'd recommend...

Not something I’m sure I’d recommend…

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5 thoughts on “Heading North for Winter

  1. I tooolllddd yooouuu it was going to be too cold to camp :)) hehe jk, I admire your courage… very nice photos and I can’t wait to see more:)

    • I’m here with a friend. I think I could have survived, but I would have felt bad if he lost a toe. 😉

  2. jdong08

    Oh my goodness please don’t die of frostbite or something…also, please, please post some (extra) pictures of the northern lights when you get to see them…I adore the night sky and i mean to get there someday myself! (though lol it seems that every teenage girl these days says this -_-)

    As always, feeling mighty jealous of you over here in Jersey (came home for the break), but good luck on your journey and I wait more anxiously than usual for your next posts! 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    I remember when we camped in the Adirondacks and it was 5 below zero (fahrenheit)…

    • Your memory is getting fuzzy old man 😉 It actually got to -15 (-23 C) when we were there! I assure you I thought of you when I was freezing out here 🙂

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