It seems that too many years outside the office has made me fragile.  After just a week of long hours on the set my brain has already gone into power-save mode.  I sat down to (attempt to) write an interesting post and what came out sounded like an unedited Wikipedia article.  Fortunately photography seems to depend more on the reptilian part of my brain so I’m still able to do a little something with that. So here’s a little something I captured once upon a time in…  actually, to make this more interesting I’ll give a prize to anyone who can tell me where this photo was taken.  Good luck!

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2 thoughts on “Shirts

  1. Ugh I totally get where you’re coming from with the Wikipedia mind. Been there.

  2. I completely relate…Working long days tends to leave my brain foggy when I go to write. It gets better though – some weeks are worse than others. Cool pic but I would have no idea where. 🙂

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