The Queensborough Bridge

I captured this photo from the roof of my building back in my New York City days.  At the time my apartment was on Roosevelt Island, a strange little island just off the Upper East side of Manhattan that was peculiarly quiet and had stunning views.  This image what actually captured on an old film camera I used to love shooting with.  I remember having to set up the tripod, calculate exposure length and all those other complications a digital camera eliminates.  To be honest I still love using with film, but the costs of film and processing make it a challenge with my current budget.

If there’s one thing I miss about NYC it’s views like this.

In addition to sharing this photo I’d like to say hi to all of the new subscribers.  An Out of the Way Place has started to grow lately and it’s great to have so many new readers around.  I’d love to hear from all of you so please leave a comment or if you’re not the public sharing type send me an email.  Also please follow An  Out of The Way Place on Facebook to see additional photos, shares and updates!

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2 thoughts on “The Queensborough Bridge

  1. CORRECTION: I actually miss my friends more than the city lights. Come to think of it I also miss the late night diners, the opera and a bunch of other stuff. I just liked the sound of that caption 😉

    • I miss my friends too! But I like the country life, it’s friendly and easy going, lots of trees and wildlife! Plus there are things to do here besides shopping.Lol 🙂

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