Prayer in the Wind

Buddhists use prayer flags as a way of multiplying their prayers, each flap of the flag in the wind sending off an additional prayer to heaven.  They can be found all around Nepal, hanging on bridges that are crossed every day or in the most difficult to reach places like the peak of Mt. Everest.  These flags were tied to a fence and were a peaceful ending to an incredibly difficult day of trekking.  The dancing white of the flags were a beautiful compliment to the glimmering white of the fading light of the sun on the distant Himalayan peaks.

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3 thoughts on “Prayer in the Wind

  1. Wonderful photo.

  2. rommel

    It’s true when they say that you learn something everyday. Actually, that is far more esp. True when you’re a blogger. Hehehe 😀

  3. Adore this pic! I love the serenity of prayer flags…I could watch them dancing in the wind for hours, so peaceful!

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