A Thousand Words

I threw a lot of words at everyone in my recent write up of the trek to Everest base camp.  That may please some of my readers, but I know others among you prefer a more visual approach.  To that end I’m going to be putting up some individual photos that haven’t made it into my posts and there are plenty to choose from.  For example, I was in Nepal for almost three months and my Everest trek made up a scant two weeks leaving me with countless photos from both my time in the larger cities and from the equally spectacular Annapurna Circuit, one of the world’s greatest treks.  I’ll still include a few words on each photo, but hopefully the images will also be good enough to stand on their own.

Thorung La

I actually finished two major treks during my time in Nepal.  The trek to Everest basecamp and, the even longer trek: the famed Annapurna circuit.  A trek often cited as the greatest trek in the world.  The trek culminates in passing through the Thorung La pass which tops out at a dizzying 5,400 meters.  Given the weight of our bags, the snow, and the sickness within the group it was, and hopefully will remain, one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done.  This photo shows one of my travel companions who, crushed beneath the weight of a 20kg (45 lbs) pack, is in the process of making a Herculean effort to climb the pass.

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6 thoughts on “A Thousand Words

  1. John P. Meyer

    High adventure indeed!

    • Not an inch of snow in January but some friends end of march cludon’t get through, and backtracked all the way down. Best is when in Kathmandu , try to meet people who just come back from annapurna. Do not listen to tour agencies who will always tell you its full of snow and you need a guide. If it’s really blocked head to Lantang or Everest. I did 40 days in Everest, full 3 passes from Shivalaya and back. I can give you tips for that one if you need. Best

  2. wonderful clip , I was there two months beorfe you .same clear sky except one day the one beorfe Thorung La it snowed but it was no problem .went all the way down then to Pokkhara .

  3. Liana

    OMG…I thank the Moon & Stars someone like you is doing something like this and letting me follow along!

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