A little extra challenge

So I’m now halfway along my trek to Mt. Everest base camp. As I mentioned before I’ll be giving a detailed write up when this is over, but I thought I’d keep trying to check in once in a while in the meantime.  It can get pretty lonely up here and it’s nice feeling like I have all of you with me!

I hope you all like pictures of mountains.

I’m now at a fairly impressive 4,200 meters (12,500 ft) of elevation and taking a step uphill is like going for a jog. Matters haven’t been helped by a bad case of bronchitis that I picked up along the way and that’s turned into a lung infection.  That means that in addition to the normal altitude issuses – headaches, nightmares, insomnia and nausea – I have the added pleasure of fever, a sore throat and a cough the produces all sorts of creepy looking things.

Not all is bad though, I’m walming with a lovely Canadian couple so I don’t feel so alone in my suffering.  I also met someone on the way down with an extra batch of antibiotics.  Perhaps best of all I went to a free talk by some rescue doctors today and asked about my condition.  Theysaid that provided it didn’t lead to severe high alititude sickness I should be ok, so it’s onward!

The views remain stunning, although snow and clouds have chnaged the feel.  Along with the snow, the temperature continues to drop, which means I can look forward to some pretty brutal temperatures once I get to base camp. Actually, by all accounts the last bit is the hardest, but if my sickness clears up it should feel like a walk in the park. Then again if it doesn’t… we’ll I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

Take care everyone! I’m jealous of your heated rooms and running water. I still have a couple more weeks up here!

Just so you know I'm not making this up, here I am in my red hat knit for me by one of my awesome readers!

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13 thoughts on “A little extra challenge

  1. Kwan

    You’re bloody crazy hiking up with bronchitis/lung infection! Recover soon!

  2. You are crazy, I agree with Kwan! But I hope and wish and I pray you recover soon… It is not easy conditions to go up… While I am reading you, I feel myself as if there… many documentary I watched about climbing and hiking on this mount and also I read our Everest climber’s books too, maybe you heard his name, Nasuh Mahruki, Turkish…. It is so easy to keep watching you at my desk without any problem… But I know how difficult what you are doing there. be sure, I am with you and be careful and TAKE CARE of yourself… If I knew or met before your climbing, I would have knitted too for you dear Giazon. Angels be with you. Thank you, with my love, nia

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  4. I really hope you start to recover soon! Don’t try to be too strong for us, your readers, it’s just as much of an adventure for us to see what you’re up to at sea level as it is at 30,000 ft. If you need to change your course I’m sure we’d all understand, even some of your more critical readers like myself (lol). I got stranded in a snow storm in Roseboom once and had to abandon my car and walk the 3 or 4 miles back to my friends house in the blizzard at night and in the freezing cold. Luckily my friend and I made it back in one piece but not dressed properly and with the snow, wind and freezing temperatures of upstate NY in the middle of winter we thought we might perish right there only steps away from where we were headed! I’m sure what you’re facing is much more challenging and the views are much more sensational than the back roads of CV at night, just be careful! We want you back in one piece!

  5. Yay, the red hat! Did you pin it to your collar so it doesn’t go flying off into the abyss? And yes, if you get really sick, you will have several readers ready and willing to kick your arse if necessary. But, if anyone can handle this, it’s definitely you. I’ll have an extra beer in your honor this Saturday! Stay safe!

  6. George Weaver

    Take care, you silly boy!

  7. what a magnificent photo! exciting adventure as well


  8. Dear Giazo, I hope and wish you are fine and everything goes well… I can’t hear you but probably you can’t find time for internet… Just I wanted to say, I am thinking of you and my wishes for you.

    • Thank you so much for the sweet message! Sorry for the pause in the posts but sickness has been the culprit. I should be back to posting regularly now!

      • I am so glad to hear you again… I was worrying… But I hope and wish you are fine now… Thank you, have a nice day, with my love, nia

  9. Caboskates

    Wondering if the drugs I gave you in Perishe? worked? Looking forward to hearing that you made it. I am back in Mexico and thankful for the warm weather. All the best!!!!


    • Hey N!

      You really saved me up there! I started feeling better the very next day. Don’t think I would have made it otherwise. Keep an eye out for the rest of my write ups on the trip. You’ll definitely be in one of them!

      Thanks again!

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