On the Road to Everest


So I’m faced with a problem.  Recent feed back has said I should write more, and I now have more to write about than ever before.  I’m three days along the Everest Base Camp Trek through Nepal and it’s been an eventful week to say the least.  I arrived in hectic Kathmandu, flew to the remote Lukla airport, trekked three days through the Himalayas and today feasted on views of Mt. Everest for the first time.



The truth is that is takes about two hours for me to write a decent post so I can either write non-decent posts or save it for later.  I think I’ll go with the second option.  That means this is merely a preview – a taste of things to come.  I’ll still try to cheeck in from time to time, but expect a detailed series of posts when this sweet madness is over.

As for my current whereabouts I’m in Namche Bazaar at and elevation of about 3,800 meters (12,000ft).  I’m freezing my fingers off in an open air internet cafe and have avoided altitude sickness thus far.  All I new to do is haul myself and my gear along another weak in thin air and not fall to pieces.  That’s all for now folks!



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7 thoughts on “On the Road to Everest

  1. Wow, you’re taking it to the extreme now! I imagine that the ambition for blog updates will be a challenge in such places 😀
    Nice pics! So you’re actually doing the Everest climb? Take care man!

  2. Kwan

    There’s an easy remedy: learn to type faster 😀 Good luck, have fun and stay in one piece!

  3. My heart with you young man, Good Luck for this amazing climb…. Be in safe and be careful too. My best wishes and love, nia

  4. Beautiful pics, as usual. Don’t lose your hat!

  5. I write about my travel out of context, or out of the box. I don’t really like writing on what-to-do’s and other suggestions.

    Mr. Everest hike, now this is promising. Will be looking forward for the entire look.

  6. Amazing photos! What an incredible journey! Thanks for sharing and please stay safe 🙂

  7. I think of you and can’t wait to hear more… but for now, just enjoy it and make sure you fill your eyes and spirit with the wanders of this adventure!
    On a different note, now I feel like with my 2200 meters of altitude I am a beginner :p

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