Farewell My Camera

Just two days ago I lost one of my most faithful travel companions, my camera.  It pains me to write about it even now as the grief is still too new, too fresh for me.  It seems like only yesterday that I was in day-long surgery with my friend, Canon S90, who had suffered a devastating accident with two plums in a crowded backpack.  I remember sweating for hours over his anesthetized body, no other surgeon being available on our remote island location, picking out fragments of smushed fruit from his delicate insides.  I remember waiting in near desperation as he lay comatose in the ICU locked in a bag of dried rice in the hopes that the deadly remnants of moisture could be sucked out.  Finally, I remember him recovering, never fully, but enough to take the precious photo that have graced this blog since its creation.

Canon loved nature. He captured this image on a road trip to Oregon.

Alas, our time together was far too short.  He was robbed from me at a bar in Brighton; snatched before his time, unaware from the outer pocket of my bag.  My only hope is that he’s in a happier place now, with someone who will love him more and perhaps abuses him a little less.  He will be missed.

One of the many never before seen images from Canon's archives.

Once grief subsides, life continues, but how to continue a blog without a camera? There are no satisfying answers to questions like these, but continue it must.  While no one can ever replace him, a new camera must be found.  Until then I think this will be a good time to go over some of the countless beautiful photos captured by Canon that still lie buried in the dark depths of my computer’s memory.  After all, I’m sure you’ll all agree that the photos Canon took were as beautiful as any, especially given the limited skill of me, his partner.

The time to say goodbye has come, so for eternity, Canon, ave atque vale!

Canon saw the beauty everywhere he looked, even in the view from a highway rest stop...

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11 thoughts on “Farewell My Camera

  1. Gah! My condolences. Canon left a legacy of many beautiful photographs.

  2. I was reading this entry with a serious and sympathetic expression on my face ’til I got to this part. I’m sorry but I LOL’ed.

    I remember waiting in near desperation as he lay comatose in the ICU locked in a bag of dried rice in the hopes that the deadly remnants of moisture could be sucked out.

    I laughed not because I’m heartless (I hope), but because I’ve done the same thing with my then-brand new iPod Touch. Fortunately the technique worked, but my iPod Touch was never the same again.

    Anyway, I’m sorry about your camera. It sucks that he got stolen from you! 😦 But oh well, I hope you find a new camera to work with, and that your old Canon will still be put to good use whomever he ends up with.

  3. Hilarious yet tragic post. I suggest a Canon Powershot while you search for the next true travel companion. The Powershot is like that cheap first date. You know it won’t be a long love affair but she is so much fun! She’s a good space filler while you research and shop for the next love. Please choose another Canon. They are wonderful.

  4. A sad parting, but beautiful photos to remember, as Kodak once said, “For the times of your life.”
    I also have carried the trusty Cannon Power Shot ELPH. However, there is hope. I’m shocked at the quality I get from my iPhone. And you only have to carry one thing!

  5. This post struck a chord. I “lost” my Nikon D5100 about two months ago…why “lost” is in quotation marks is a long story, but I no longer have it for the moment and am back to Mr.Canon Powershot SX130 IS. “My only hope is that he’s in a happier place now, with someone who will love him more and perhaps abuses him a little less. He will be missed.” THAT was exactly how I felt =(

    • A D5100! Now that’s a tragedy! Ironically it’s also the camera I’m considering investing in. Well, here’s to better luck for both of us in the near future!

  6. Thanks for the condolences everyone! I’m still undecided as to how to proceed. It looks as though I have a small professional photography job coming up this summer so I may just make the plunge and invest in something a little more upscale. Unfortunately neither photography nor writing pay well at my level so we’ll have to see what I can do!

  7. Wow, I”M feeling stricken, and this is the first time I’ve been on your blog (thanks for liking Heifer 12 x 12)! Did you get a new camera?? Was it another Canon?? I’m shooting with a Canon T2i — but I’m traveling with a pro who has the Canon 6D … and it’s like a tank! I’m wallowing in camera envy…. but now that I realize I’m lucky to have one at all, I’m feeling better!
    Love your redwoods!!!!

    • Thanks for coming by Betty! I actually discovered yoru site since I’m considering switching to a layout more like your own and just loved what you have there. I’m still cameraless at the moment, although a friend has agreed to lend me an old DSLR for my upcoming trip to Nepal. Hopefully I can find a longterm solution soon!

  8. such a sad farwell

  9. I feel your pain. We share the same grief when my Canon was stolen from me 3 months ago.
    Keep on blogging. With your what seems to be long history of blogging, there’ll be plenty to explore and play around til you get another one.

    That’s just awful. You resuscitated your camera, then it got stolen. Yikes! Maybe it really was telling you to get another one.

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