A New Year

The New Year seems a natural time for change, so I thought I’d let everyone know about some changes coming to “An Out of the Way Place” for 2012 and there are quite a few.  First, as I mentioned before, I’ll be making a post every week.  I’m not going to throw up some silly link and call it a post either.  I mean at least one real post per week.  That’s a guarantee, at least unless I get buried in an avalanche or some other force majeure interferes.

Second, I’m going to start adding smaller posts in addition to the major ones I put up once a week.  These will include little blurbs on less major things going on in my life, like what I’m reading, random things I’m doing or anything else that pops into my head.  These may not be a long or well thought out as my normal posts, so if you’re here for big adventures and deep thoughts just skip these posts over, otherwise it’ll give you a little more to read during the week.

Finally, the holidays and cold winter whether have caused my recent life to be focused on my upcoming book and not on intense adventures.  As a result my posts have tended to be focused on my thoughts and feelings rather than new places and experience.  That may have taken away some of the excitement and intensity from my blog, but I promise you that won’t be the case for long.  I might not be able to drag you all up a mountain in the winter with me, but I’ll do my best to make you feel like you were there.

These aren’t all the changes you’ll be seeing, so when you see something new don’t be surprised. On the other hand, do let me know if you like it.  I’m hoping to really turn “An Out of the Way Place” into a place worth visiting this year and as always thank you for sticking with me as I figure this all out.  I hope I’ll be hearing from all of you regularly during the New Year!

I'll be heading back out in search of more great landscapes like this soon!

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3 thoughts on “A New Year

  1. Andrzej J.Stankiewicz

    Nice photographs. The “foggy” landscape reminds me of the volcanic area in Japan. The ash is quite warm and the local specialty are eggs “cooked” in it . As a result- shells turn black. One has to go to Japan to see and try them.

    • Thanks Andrzej! The photo was actually captured as I biked through the Pyrenees on a dreadfully rainy day. Japan is near the top of my places to visit list, only the high cost has kept me from going already. Maybe later this year!

  2. Happy New Year! I hope your book is coming along nicely and you are enjoying your travels. If you are ever in the Köln area please stop by, we’d love to have you drop in for a visit!

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