I love making New Year’s resolutions, but unfortunately that doesn’t seem to have any impact on my ability to keep them.  I can’t even remember what my resolutions from last year were.  Not that that’s surprising, only a pitiful 12% of people keep their resolutions and that includes me.  It turns out human willpower just isn’t that strong.  Don’t take my word for it, scientists and the WSJ have spent some serious effort figuring this out.

Of course anything that hints at limitations reeks of a challenge to me; I’m a sucker for the impossible.  Still, having decided to take the bait, I still need to come up with a good resolution.  Last year’s Ironman took care of three of the most common resolutions: I quit smoking, started eating healthy and lost a bunch of weight.  So what’s next? I spent the better part of the last week trying to come up with a goal, but as is so often the case, other people see our flaws more clearly, and someone close to me was kind enough to help me find one of mine.

Despite having given up a career that focuses on financial gain, writing a blog about alternative living and generally railing against the trappings of materialism, I’m a shopaholic.  It seems I’m simply rotten to the core in that area.  Sure, having almost no money makes indulging hard, but give me a few dollars and it’s off to the thrift store.  Give me more money and it simply pours through me like a cup full of holes.  Well it’s time to do something about that.  My resolution for 2012 is this: to stop shopping.

Just to lay out some ground rules, I will still be allowed to buy essentials, which after some debate have been decided to include food, travel, lodging and medicine. That’s it: no more discount sweaters, no more collectible shot glasses, no more I could really use another pair of socks, no nothing.

How about you?  Anyone else going to make a resolution with me?  If so I hope you’ll share it in the comments below.  Turnout making your resolution public is one of the better ways to help make it.  I, for one, know I’m going to need all the help I can get keeping mine…

Here's looking forward to a beautiful 2012!

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2 thoughts on “Resolutions

  1. My New Years resolution is the same as last year…”don’t make any New Years resolutions”. It has been working well for me and is easy to do! lol If I was going to make a new one, it would be hard like you said. It would probably be one of the one’s you mentioned. I will have to think about it. I have a few day’s left. Anyway, good luck with yours!

  2. James

    Someone close to me would rather do the opposite. My remarks such as “do we really need that and don’t we have that already” are met with irritation until now she seeks others to buy things for her. Her home and it certainly is hers, looks more like a branch of currys – wall to wall gizmos- who really needs multiple laptops, iPhones, phones, recording devices. I get particularly frustrated as many of the devices overlap their functionality or were replaced simply because she could not learn to use the old one. Not that they are easy to use – it took me an hour to get various downloads to get an old Olympus voice recorder to download on the latest bloated excuse for an operating system from Microsoft. Probably a deliberate business ploy. Then i found we had a new one anyway. I must be out of touch!

    I could keep a note of the money I don’t spend and tally it all up. But, how can you judge the loss of revenue or opportunity cost pissing about with stuff that is near end of life?

    Brain explodes in a maelstrom of flawed logic. Does not compute, syntax error, reboot, reboot, crash… “Cntrl alt del” life.
    I should resolve to be more patient with such spendaholics but sodit, why. The magic is in the way you use the tool not just in the tool itself. Would Shakespeare have written better if he had typed it out with his iPhone sitting in Starbucks ?

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