Places Old and New

My short journey through Scotland is coming to a close.  Tomorrow I will be heading off on my bicycle and starting the ride down to Wales.  The ride is about 400 miles and should take three to five days.  We’ll see how the notoriously rainy Scottish weather treats me.

My immediate destination is Cardiff, where another kind traveler has agreed to host me.  After that, it’s off to Tenby for the Ironman which is on September 11th.  I’ll probably be pretty tired of biking at that point, but the last leg of my journey is to bike back to London, thus bringing me full circle.  Along with a sense of completion, there’s a certain mystery to this trip, since I know so very little about the areas through which I will be traveling.

Finally, before heading off to new places, I enjoy reflecting on the places I have already been.  As part of that, I took the time to create a new gallery of photos from my trip to the Abbey D’Orval from earlier this year.  You can view the gallery on my photography page or just click here.  Enjoy!

Orval's silence and architecture make it a true photographer's paradise.

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