Wanted – Bucket Lists

Although I’m quite happy with the number of readers of this blog, one thing I’d love to have more of is reader participation.  I’ve made several pleas in the past and sometimes I even end my post with a question.  All this has been for naught, so I thought I’d try a different approach.

A friend of mine and I agreed to create our own Bucket Lists (things we want to do before we die or “kick the bucket”).  I found the process of creating mine quite engaging and the results interesting, but I’m not going to share it with you all, not yet at least.  Instead, I’d like everyone to create their own list over the next two weeks and then either to email it to me, or to post it in the comments when I share my own bucket list. To keep everyone more or less on the same page, here are some guidelines:

  1. The list should be 15 items long.
  2. Each item should contain a place and an activity, e.g., “I want to go to Munich and drink at Oktoberfest.”

That’s it!

I’ll be reaching out to some of you personally to encourage participation.  Please help me all of you!  I know as a group you’re definitely more interesting than I am, so let’s help this blog reach its potential!

Where would you like your footsteps to take you?

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8 thoughts on “Wanted – Bucket Lists

  1. I LOVE this photo! It is really eye and mind catching. Cute idea for a bucket list but philosophically I can’t say that I really agree with making one… No place I can be that I wasn’t meant to be, no thing that I can do that I wasn’t meant to do etc. Don’t get me wrong I have things that I would love to do and haven’t yet but I don’t care much for the thought that death is what would stop me from doing them or even that I should aim to do them all “in this life” so to speak. I guess I am more of a whatever happens happens kind of girl. I also feel like I want to do “everything” AND to do what I am doing and I don’t know if “everything” would fit on a list! I can help you in the way of comments though! If you’ll have them!

    • Ok, I probably shouldn’t have called this a bucket list, but the title is catchy! I’m not planning on dying, nor do I intend on only visiting 15 more places in my life! The main idea of the list is to stimulate some creative thought about places people would like to visit and to encourage people to get started on taking the trips they dream of rather than to wait for an uncertain future. Still, I appreciate all the comments and hope even those somewhat morally skeptical will participate if only for fun!

  2. Already, Jason. Isn’t it a bit too soon?

  3. Victoria

    Hmmmm, fifteen items? Well I shall spare you my list which would well exceed fifteen items and start with the one item I have most recently been teased for considering. I would like to take a cruise to Antarctica and go kayaking. Now while I’m certain floods of requests to join me will quickly follow this posting, my current sphere of co-workers and friends think I’m crazy. Either that or I’m frequently asked if there is water in Antarctica. Ironically I am not asked this question in response to the cruise itself just the kayaking.

  4. “IF” I had the money and the time… 1.Egypt-see the Pyramids 2.Hawaii-beaches and waterfalls 3.Greece-sail and swim in the sea at night with no sharks! 4.Rome-see the ruins. 5.Niagra falls NY- see friends and relatives. 6.Key West-para-sailing. 7.Australia-snorkling. 8.NW. USA-take train ride along the coast. 8.Rome-see the ruins 9.Poland-see where grandma was born and find relatives 10.Tibet-see the Himalayas

  5. OOPS, I put Rome in there twice. PS. I’m not as much of a traveler as you are. I have been a few places in the U.S. and also England and France. I like it here more. But it depends where you live in the U.S. I like it here in Coastal NC. We get four season’s, lots of beautiful beaches, parks, trees, birds and other animals. The people here are very friendly! Wilmington has a nice boardwalk along the Cape Fear River. Lot’s of interesting shops with all kinds of art. Free concerts and fireworks over the summer. Boating, dining, shows and Myrtle Beach is an hour away with lot’s of things to do. On the other hand I don’t miss the cold in Wisconsin or the extreme heat in Florida. Plus I really can’t think of too many other places I would want to live, except maybe Hawaii? Anyway, I’m rambling, although you did ask for some feedback. Where would you live if you had a choice?

    • Thanks for all the comments! I love feedback and comments and wish everyone would write as much as you have!

      Picking a place to live is particularly tricky and I’m still not sure I’ve found a perfect place. Some ideas I have though include: Capri, Italy; Edinburgh, Scotland; Santa Barbara, California; Grenada, Spain; Florence, Italy; and, the Greek Islands. We’ll see what happens!

  6. matthewsbucketlist

    Go to matthewsbucketlist.wordpress.com and comment! Also, dontkickthebucket.wordpress.com

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