Here Goes Nothing…

It occurred to me the other day that I’d rather never work in an office again.  Unfortunately the reality is that even homeless people need some money and, truth be told, they do a better job of making it than I do.  So, I decided to take the advice of a number of friends and try my hand at writing a book.  It’s scary and I feel presumptuous even thinking I write something worth reading, but better to try and fail boldly than never try at all.  I don’t have the faintest idea how long it will take, nor do I know how I’ll go about selling it when I’m done, but I’m more of a do first ask questions later person anyway.

I'll need an angel over my shoulder too if this book is to turn out any good.

Since this isn’t a post about my travels I figure it’s as good a time as any to catch up on some other housekeeping details.  One, sorry for being irregular about posting lately.  I’ve been playing host and always put my real first, but there’s still no excuse.  I should be back up to two to three posts a week starting today.  Next, expect some more variety as to my posting topics.  I love adventure traveling, but it’s time to get serious about the Ironman.  Since putting one foot in front of the other several million times makes a fairly boring topic for posts, I’ll have to branch out and write about more than my training and travels for a bit.

Finally, thanks to everyone for all the support over the last couple months.  The number of readers has steadily climbed and that’s amazingly encouraging.  I’d love to keep the pattern going so if you think you know someone who might enjoy reading my blog please send out a link, or even just post a link to it on your Facebook page.  It takes a shocking amount of time to do this and the more people reading the more inspired I feel to write.

I hope everyone has an amazing summer! I’d love to see every one of you, but in the meantime leave a comment and help bring this blog to life!


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One thought on “Here Goes Nothing…

  1. 2 Thoughts:

    1) I think you mean never working in an office again just RE-occurred to you…
    2) Daisy Baggins Clown Slam Down.

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