The Other Ibiza

Ibiza, not too many places have such a one dimensional reputation.  To the average traveler Ibiza represents party central, mega-clubs with mad parties that play host to every kind of excess.  Truth be told it’s a reputation that’s well deserved.  The first time I came here I didn’t sleep or eat for three days and did all kinds of things that I’d never mention in a blog.  The only problem is, that’s just part of the story.  Ibiza also happens to be one of the most beautiful places on earth, and given the amount of traveling I’ve done I don’t feel absurd making that claim.

Since my arrival a week ago I haven’t set foot in club or visited any of the uber-popular spots.  This isn’t out of some stuck up belief that I’m too good for a crazy party (I’m not) nor is it because I’m extremely poor (I am).  The real reason is that I’ve been having far too good a time enjoying the piles of amazing, healthy and inexpensive forms of entertainment this island plays host to.

As is so often the case I’m forced to choose from among far too many amazing experiences, for this post I’ll just focus on one day out of the seven I’ve been here.  This particular day was last Friday the 17th of June 2011.  It started off slowly, which is how I like my days to start.  I woke up just in time to say hi to the morning and share some refreshments with my neighbors at the campground.  Then, I started off the afternoon by heading to a random beach. Fortunately picking a random beach here can have only one of three results: nice, really nice or perfection. This particular day had perfection on the menu.

I didn't want to seem creepy so this is the closest picture of the beach I have...

Time on the beach was dived up between climbing around on the rocks, sunning myself like a lizard and a dose or Ironman training.  That’s right I haven’t forgotten!  I practiced my swimming and was even lucky enough to get some lessons from a friend.  The training turned out to be more fun than usual as our snorkeling masks allowed us to be entertained by schools of fishes and even an octopus.  The only off note was some unwanted affection from a jellyfish who kept a small part of my arm as a souvenir.

The random beach was on the east side of the island, which meant a trip west in order to catch the sunset.  My trusty navigator suggested a shortcut which, after an ignored “prohibido” sign, turned into some intense off-roading in a rented Peugeot.  I know this sounds like one of those exaggerations that posers make when they want to make their vacations sound cooler, but for 20 minutes I felt like Jason Bourne.  I had to make the passengers get out of the car since I’d rather drive off a cliff alone than with my friends on board.  The turns were so tight I had to take some in reverse and the trail so narrow I had to choose between tree branches and cliffs (not a tough choice really).  It was so intense my shins were sweating, but in the end we made it through unscathed. Unfortunately “we” didn’t include our little rental car which suffered from some serious post-traumatic stress.  All I can say is that it’s good car rental agencies don’t look at the bottoms of the cars they rent out; that scratch removing cream is a spectacular invention.

Happy to be alive we arrived at the beach in time for a sunset that did not disappoint.  A group of people had gathered like the angels in Wings of Desire to stop and stare as the sun danced with the horizon and the clouds for over a half an hour.

Who needs art museums?

Having had our fill of adrenaline, it was time for some fine food and drink.  Pizza and Sangria filled that role and the evening ended with a beautiful calm that mirrored the calm of the morning.  The only thing that made it better was knowing that the next day would bring more of the same…

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  1. Yeah right you didn’t want to seem creepy…give it up!

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