So today I hit 1000km into France, which with my 100 in England brings me to 1100km.  A lot has happen since I last posted and I’m feeling the same inability to keep up with my experiences via blog as I did last year, but I’ll give it a try.

My new biking friend and I have decided to do the Camino de Santiago via bike.  It’ll add a 1000 or so km to our trip, but once you go 1000 what’s a 1000 more?  We’ve slept on beaches, in forests and barns.  The scenery has been as amazing as could be hoped for and the days have been difficult, but thrilling.  I’ll be putting up more and more pictures over the next week, but here’s a peek.

The best things in life are free.

A few more days and I’ll be in Spain.  That means crossing the Pyrenees and lots of pain.  Still the views should be spectacular and the experience one of a kind.  More on that soon.

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3 thoughts on “1000k

  1. JJ

    “Res Firma Nitescere Descit”

    Am I correct you took Latin in college? I’m sure you can translate it. And I’m pretty sure you might have heard this translation in a little known movie from the 80s.

    Even if you feel what’s the point is of writing this blog if you’re not sure of anyone reading it, then do it for yourself. It’ll be a treasure trove of your own thoughts and words from the moment you felt it.


  2. That picture is just lovely. I think the whole trip is worth every little bead of sweat, or twitched muslcle, every moment of confusion. Isn’t that quote in American Flyers?

    • JJ

      Bingo! American Flyers!! Sadly underrated but nevertheless a great little movie starring Kevin Costner w/ a great soundtrack by Glen Schrrock.


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