A ride through France

It’s amazing how much in life we take for granted, beds for instance.  Last night was my first night in a bed after four nights spent sleeping in the woods.  Aside from being much more comfortable, it was nice to feel like I wasn’t asleep inside a walk-in refrigerator for a change.

As for the bike touring, everything has been going as smoothly as could be hoped.  The French countryside has been as beautiful as imagined, with quaint cottages, beautiful roses and grandiose chateaus covering the landscape.

Half the buildings in France could be in a museum.

We’ve been covering quite a lot of ground, but took most of the day off when we arrived in the beautiful city of Tours yesterday.  That allowed us time to do some much needed bike repairs and to do more mundane things like laundry.  Today it’s back to the road as we head for the picturesque Poitiers.  More on that later…

Although they don't make for dramatic photography, the fields are soothing and beautiful.

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3 thoughts on “A ride through France

  1. Jaafar

    Any serious problems with the bike?

  2. ブーツ レディース 激安

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