Sticks and Stones…

I have a real love-hate relationship with television.  When there’s one on, I can’t take my eyes off it, but I hate myself after I’ve spent a day in front of one.  My solution: don’t own a TV.  This leads to a lot of questions as to how I spend my time.  For me, the answer is mostly piano and books, but I got a nice alternative answer to that question today: archery and climbing.

Look closely and you'll see the bend in the arrow as it flies (click to enlarge).

Watching four friends spend their afternoon practicing archery was a very zen experience.  We followed it up by a trip to the woods and a little rock climbing, or more accurately bouldering, as we weren’t using ropes.

He'll get me in great shape if he doesn't kill me.

I have a natural fear of heights so it was pretty exhilarating to free climb on these rock formations.  All and all I have to say it was a pretty amazing finish to an amazing time in Germany, no TV required.

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