Agreeing to Disagree

Those of you who know me well, also know my best friend.  For those of you who don’t, it’s important to know that he’s different from me in almost every way.

At first that might not seem true.  We have similar senses of humor and enjoy doing a lot of the same things, but if you look pass this superficial level you’ll find two people who are dramatically different in their values.  He values good manners, I value non-conformity.  He values hard work, I value efficiency.  He values stability, I value uncertainty. To bring these differences to a level more relevant to this blog, he’d probably find my recent post about money off the wall, and totally disagree with a good portion of it.

I could go on all day like this, but what we disagree on isn’t the point.  It’s that despite disagreeing on so much, we’ve remained best friends for over 20 years now.  For my part, that’s largely because I value him as a person and can openly discuss things with him, knowing that even if we don’t see eye to eye on something, we’ll listen and try to respect and understand the other person’s opinions.

I grew up debating with my dad.  He was never the type of father to use “because I said so” and always was open to discussion.  This could lead to hours of debate on everything from religion to who the greatest baseball of all time is.  Sometimes the debates got heated and my mom would go crazy wondering how we could fight for hours, but to us it was never fighting.

I doubt there’s a person on earth I agree with on everything.  Hell, sometimes I don’t agree with what I write a day after I’ve written it, but my goal isn’t to give sermons or to prove I’ve reached some advanced stage of enlightenment.  My goal is to stimulate thought, share experiences, question assumptions and to grow, both on my own and with others. Sometimes I’ll do it using humor, sometimes provocation and sometimes through storytelling.

So to all my readers out there who feel annoyed, enraged or confused by my life or my words.  Please share your thoughts and tell me why I’m totally crazy and mistaken, but remember my blog is here to stimulate thought, growth and change, not hurt feelings.  I love you all!

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