Winter Hibernation Comes to an End…

Hello world!

After a six month hiatus I am back among the world of the living.  My winter was slow, but I’m once again on the road less traveled and busy (actually not so busy) roaming around Europe.  Undoubtedly my pen has  grown as dull as my wit with all this time away from write, but you have to start somewhere…

So it’s hard to know where to begin. I’ve traveled through several countries and cities over the past few weeks and have once again accumulated more stories than I care to retell.  So I will ignore them all for the moment and look to the future!

One of the few things I did this winter was keep up on my impossible dream of last summer, the Ironman.  It still sounds absurd to my own ears when I hear it, but I’m going to do it nonetheless.  Strangely enough, it’s also indirectly responsible for this post.  I’ve spent a pile of hours online trying to raise money from friends and family.  All that writing caused a little prick in my conscious as I thought of my poor neglected blog, so here I am!

Ok, that’s enough rambling… something worth reading will follow soon…

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