A Very Long Walk…

Ok, I’m bad at blogging… who am I kidding, I can’t ever reliably write to my friends and sent not one email to my family.  Did I really think I’d spend my time playing on my ipod while I was hiking across Spain?  In any case, I’m back from Spain, but the memories are fresh so I’ll do some flashback blogging.

The day after my last post I finally started my walk a full day behind schedule.  When I arrived in the starting town everyone encouraged me to spend the night since it was so “late”. I would have none of it and decided to start the hike up the mountain at around 3.  Once again my plans prove ill-fated.  After walking several mile up the mountain I realized I had dropped my guitar strap.  This lead to a 2 hour delay as I walked back down and up the mountain again.  At around 9PM a very fatigued me arrived at the mountain pass.  There I was greeted by some of the thickest fog I’ve ever seen.  With the sun setting and temperature dropping I was left in the unenviable position of making camp on the rocky mountain pass.  On the bright side, I woke up in the night and was able to capture this shot of the moon:

Cold, but worth it.

 To be continued…

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2 thoughts on “A Very Long Walk…

  1. Ger

    Is that it? You mean between there and Santiago NOTHING happened? Come on!

  2. Sandy

    The moon looks so big! I have a couple of older moon shots but I need to start taking more photos again. You have some really great pics!

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