The best layed plans…

I’ve never liked to plan things out it advanced and the last 2 days gave me a nice reminder of the benefits of a flexible schedule. To cover the highlights: my plane sat on the runway for 3 hours, missed my connecting flight in France, missed several buses in Spain, wandered through San Sebastian trying to figure out the way out, finally found a train to the border, upon arrival was told there were no more trains for the day, slept in some grass, and woke up and missed the first train of the day after getting lost for an hour.

On the bright side, I got to spend some time by the ocean and a little time in Bayonne. All in, I’m less than a day behind schedule, that is if I even have a schedule.

One other observations so far: walking with a pack is very different than walking without one.

Ok, back to walking. Looks like more good luck, it’s started raining 🙂

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One thought on “The best layed plans…

  1. Ch

    Plenty of time for blogging I guess

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