Almost Picture of the Day

This photo is also from my recent trip out to the Southwest.  For those paying close attention you’ll see that I also have a black and white image of the same location in one of my galleries.  I’m actually much more comfortable working in black and white.  That’s partly because I find it easier, partly because I love the results, and partly because I like the flexibility of working with black and white.  The human eye is much more tolerant of adjustments that are made to a black and white image.  For instance, most people feel that Ansel Adam’s photographs are highly “realistic”, however, as he would be the first to admit, he made extensive tweaks to his images in the capture, development and printing stages.

Color, on the other hand, is a tricky business.  The human brain is an amazing thing and applies some pretty extensive adjustments to the actual information the eye receives.  A camera is far less sophisticated and this makes the whole process pretty troublesome.  Still, sometimes color is a key part of the scene as it was the night I took this.  The sun had just set and while I way disappointed to miss the chance to photograph the sunset at such an amazing place, it was wonderful to be the only photographer left shooting.  Also, while a photo can never really capture the vastness of such a location, I feel the strong blue really heightens the feeling of great distance.  I wonder if some great vista like this inspired Leonardo da Vinci to start using blue to add a stronger sense of depth?

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