A Very Long Walk

Before I get into today’s post I want to thank my readers for the outpouring of concern they showed when I failed to post for several days.  My inbox has been flooded with emails since last Friday.  Does sarcasm work without the tone of voice? Seriously though, sorry for not posting for the last few days.  It’s shockingly hard to post regularly and I’ve never been good with any sort of schedule.

Another reason for my lack of updates is that preparations for my trek across Spain continued last weekend as I received yet another free lesson in humility.  I went for a fairly long bike ride (60 miles give or take) with a friend who loves to bike.  Unfortunately, his love of biking means he’s in vastly better shape than I am.  Ok, that’s a lame excuse.  He’s in better shape because he likes to exercise and I’m lazy.  No, that’s not it either.  Maybe it’s because I have no natural athletic ability whatsoever, or better yet, maybe it’s because he’s a twisted sadomasochistic freak who likes self-induced nausea and muscle burn as much as I like hamburgers and fries. Whatever the reason, despite my struggle I made it and feel a little more confident about my planned self-torture trip.  If I’m going to make it across Spain in the limited time I have, pain is something I’ll have to get comfortable with. 

To give those of you who don’t know a little more detail about the trip.  I’m completing a pilgrimage that has been popular almost without pause  since the 9th century.  Legend has it that the body of St. James (one of the original 12 apostles) is buried in Santiago de la Compostela.  (For our Spanish-speaking readers that will come as only a small surprise given the fact that Santiago means “St. James”.)  After the discovery of the Saint’s body in the 9th century pilgrims soon started pouring in and the route became a key part of medieval commerce and cultural.  I’ll be posting on this trip as I do it and hopefully will have some pretty interesting things to report.  In the meantime, those interested in more detail or too impatient to wait for my second-rate writing can check on the Wiki here.

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