The Subtleties of Tea

Although I spend more time on music and photography, I do a fairly extensive amount of home cooking.  Also, it’s the one area where I’m able to experiment and try novel things every day.  Unlike photography it doesn’t depend on weather or location and unlike music, experimentation can have excellent results without significant skill or talent.  In other words.  It’s the perfect post filler.  Ok, enough for the intro…

Today’s experiment was iced tea.  If that sounds dull to you than you don’t know how to make tea.  Actually you probably don’t even know what I mean when I say “make”.  You might think I’m talking about the process of boiling water, pouring it on the tea bag, but I’m not.  I’m talking about actually mixing the ingredients that go in the tea bag (or pot).  It might sound like I just took a giant leap from the simple to the intimidating, but it turns out the making your own teas is a rather simple affair.  Well, at least if you don’t care how it tastes. 

Seriously though, the results usually aren’t so bad that you can’t choke it down.  As for my own personal struggle and eventual (self-proclaimed) triumph, I’ll give you all the details as the week plays out.  This post is long enough already.  In the mean time, try adding some vanilla extract to your tea (or coffee for that matter).  It’s easy and can make a huge difference in taste.  The only problem is that you’ll never want to drink the cheap vanilla syrup you get at Starbucks… actually that might  not be a problem at all.

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