Almost Picture of the Day

Here’s my first Almost Picture of the Day. I’m starting off with Something Like Art since it’s all I have access to at the moment. This is also one of my favorite photos. Hopefully it’s just a taste of things to come.

Before I give too much away take a look at the photo and try to guess where it was taken. I’m lucky to travel to many beautiful and exotic places, but this isn’t from any of them. I actually took this photo on a beach in… Wait for it… Brooklyn! Not exactly what most people picture when they think of New York City. Part of the reason I love this photo so much is that it really exemplifies one of my main artistic goals: to find beauty everywhere.

I remember the day that I took it I was biking with some friends. They all thought I was crazy as I left my bike and ran off into the sand. Good thing I’m used to them thinking I’m crazy…

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2 thoughts on “Almost Picture of the Day

  1. Nice work, man. Is that the same one as on my wall?

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